This wunderkind of accessories designed his first trainers at age 10. Now in his thirties, Florian Denicourt creates accessories : starting out from hold-alls with leather straps, and moving on to small multi-pocketed and multi-zipped handbags, the creator has come a long way.

Florian Denicourt’s comprised a few simple pieces – the leather hold-all, the multi-pocketed handbag, the soft leather half moon caught in straps, the multi-zipped belt pack – combining minimalism with a radical, rock’n’roll style.

After having met with the backing of the more demanding stores such as Le Bon Marché, Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Bergdorf Goodman and Liberty, Florian Denicourt continues his work at the cutting edge of the avant-garde.

Florian Denicourt

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Florian Denicourt

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