Gueule De Bois Tea 20 Teabags Draining Tea
Le Beau Thé

This tea "Gueule de Bois" is designed by Le Beau Thé. It is designed to help your body for detoxification, which is the result of an unusual consumption of fats and/or alcohol. A regenerating remedy to deal with the excesses of your daily life.

Ingredients :

Nettle, White tea, Bergamot, rose petals, marigold and cornflower petals, lemon, blackberry leaves, pear, lychee, ginkgo, spirulina.

  • 20 hand-stitched muslin sachets
  • Made in France
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L'atelier Le Beau Thé elaborates potions based on superfruits, rare plants and infusions used by our grandmothers to provide a vegetal answer to the modern life's vagaries.

L'atelier Le Beau Thé is the story of passionate guys inviting you to catch a precious, refined and ...
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