Mini Cure Detox Infusion 5 Teabags Slim Infusion
Le Beau Thé

This slim infusion "Mini Cure Detox" is designed by Le Beau Thé. A blend of purifying herbs to help your body detoxify and burn fat while you sleep. With the Mini Cure Detox, you'll quickly find softer nights and guaranteed digestive comfort.

Ingredients :

Hibiscus flowers, cherry tails, verbena, mint, fennel grains, pineapple.

  • 5 hand-stitched muslin sachets
  • Made in France
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L'atelier Le Beau Thé elaborates potions based on superfruits, rare plants and infusions used by our grandmothers to provide a vegetal answer to the modern life's vagaries.

L'atelier Le Beau Thé is the story of passionate guys inviting you to catch a precious, refined and ...
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